SESCO integrates HVAC systems design & equipment sales with certified energy management, test & balance, start-up, and commissioning services. 

Using a consolidated systems and services approach results in competitive initial equipment cost, improved equipment reliability, and lower energy consumption.


HVAC operating costs can be controlled and minimized when evaluated and managed as a complete system from design through commissioning.    

Have a sick store? We specialize in correcting high humidity and high energy consumption stores. Contact us for a free analysis!



Design Services

Mechanical Criteria Design Services span a broad range of engineering services and solutions that provide energy management through the SESCO® Design℠ and control system. SESCO® provides complete system equipment and hardware including the logic and sequencing of the Energy Management System and required panels. SESCO supports advanced criteria for HVAC design with leading edge mechanical equipment and technology; designs coordinated with control strategies that consider impact on other systems within the conditioned space.

Equipment Procurement & Project Management

SESCO offers equipment application engineering and selection. Complete management of critical path equipment ordering and delivery. 


The goal of commissioning is to ensure installed systems operate as designed and consume no more energy than expected. Commissioning can be comprehensive and include several services or customized a la carte to meet client needs. Commissioning services range from construction coordination, and system/component inspections to TAB, point-to-point energy management system checkout and start-up and trim services.



SESCO® is the U.S. leader in providing equipment, engineering, commissioning, and energy management services for supermarket and restaurant HVAC systems. SESCO® has helped more supermarkets qualify for ENERGY STAR criteria than any other company in the United States. SESCO is recognized by industry and government for its expertise and continuing contributions to energy management through applied leading edge technologies within the supermarket HVAC discipline. SESCO® participates with industry and government to further energy management technology through the ENERGY STAR Program and other “Green Building” initiatives. SESCO® is publicly acclaimed for its contributions to the industry by major supermarket chains and the Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of the SESCO® Program is to ensure the HVAC systems SESCO® provides commission as close to their design point as possible. As most customers can attest, strip shopping center construction does not always produce the best possible results and the owner ends up paying for deficiencies in the form of unnecessarily high energy bills. Broad application of the SESCO® Program to new store development and remodel programs produces significant reductions in operating costs associated with energy and maintenance. SESCO® has completed more than 3,000 supermarket projects over the past 20 years. Our commitment to continuous process improvement throughout our history has resulted in the most experienced knowledge base regarding supermarket environments of any company in the United States.



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